Welcome to the Southern Delaware Estate Planning Council

The Southern Delaware Estate Planning Council is a multidisciplinary organization with a diverse group of professionals across various disciplines interested in learning more about estate planning. Our primary objective is to establish and support collaborative efforts in the estate planning profession and community.

We welcome interested accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, trust advisors, and estate attorneys to join our council.

Our Council meets several times a year to discuss topics relative to estate planning needs.  Our Goals of the organization are:

  • To assist members in rendering the best possible professional service to their clients and their communities in their disciplines of estate planning.
  • To provide its members the opportunity to keep abreast of laws and conditions affecting business and personal taxation and the problems of wealth accumulation, conservation, and transfer.
  • To foster and promote intelligent cooperation and cordial understanding among its members with respect to the proper relationship among the disciplines providing estate planning and related services. 
  • To provide a forum for discussion of topics relevant to its members' professions in the context of estate planning.